Puthuvype Beach is one of the most beautiful beach in kerala . This is really close to the heart of Kochi. Tourists will be able to reach this place very easily and it is around 6 – 10 Km distance from Kochi. The most attractive part of the beach is the wide and large seashore where we can feel the rhythm of wave, wind and above all the music of nature. Its a very calm and quiet place.


There is a light house present here. The light house is located at just about half a kilometer away from the Beach and is said to be the tallest in India. There is also a shallow ditch to the north side of the beach which you can explore.

puthuvyp tourism mela 28th oct 15

The most wonderful part of the beach fest is the beach tourism mela which is going on at Puthuvype beach. It started on Dec 23rd and will end at Jan 1st. Its having a lot of funny games and wonderful amusement parks. Duck Hunt ,beach race are conducted by the Puthuvype KCYM, St.Sebastian Church members.

How to reach :First get to either Ernakulam Railway station . From the place of stay in the heart of the city, you will have to take a bus, auto or a cab to Puthuvype which is located at about 7 kilometers from the city. If you are travelling by bus get down at Puthuvype Junction and take an auto from there to Puthuvype Vishnu temple, you can see the Lighthouse just opposite the temple. The Beach is located at about 3 kilometers from the Puthuvype Junction.

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