A selfie spot is a place where you can take that perfect selfie. There’s a reason why Kochi is one of the most photographed spots in the state- it’s beautiful! Take a walk or run across Kochi and capture your face with the charming Kochi in the background.

Marine Drive
Marine Drive is one of the popular hangouts in Ernakulam city. Facing the serene backwaters with a walkway of about three kilometers, the place attracts a lot of local residents as well as tourists every day. The walkway is usually thronged by people in the evening and the view of the sun setting in the tranquil sea is a . At night, the place provides a picturesque spectacle with the light seeping out of the anchored ships. The cleanliness, sitting arrangements and the cool breeze from the backwaters are the other factors that draw tourists here.

The beauty of the place has been enhanced by two contemporary constructions – the Rainbow Bridge and the Chinese Fishing Net Bridge. If you are in Kochi, you have to visit the Marine Drive. And if you are at Marine Drive, a selfie from the Rainbow Bridge is a must. It is just normal to see people waiting to take a selfie against the backdrop of the Rainbow bridge. The backdrop of the backwaters, with ships anchored at the harbour, is one of the main reasons for its selfie attraction.


Fort Kochi

At each and every nook of this island steeped in history, there is something amusing awaiting you. The Chinese fishing nets at Fort Kochi definitely makes for an amazing selfie backdrop.

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Fort Kochi is the perfect example of a place that is best explored on foot to take selfies. It is neither so vast that you would get lost, nor too small that you wouldn’t enjoy the trail. Although it is a fairly popular selfie hub—with a large number of people from international shores—it is far less crowded than you would expect.

Mattanchery harbour bridge

Mattancherry is another fascinating area in Kochi to take selfies. The Harbour bridge at Mattanchery is part and parcel of Kochi’s past. Many movie scenes were shot here. And these days it is just a normal sight to see people stop by and take a selfie before they go their way.

Chathiath Road

There are few places in Kochi more pleasant than the Chathiath Road on a sunny afternoon, no matter the season. This elevated pathway is one of Kochi’s most popular selfie destinations now. After Marine Drive and Subhash Park, the Chathiath Road is fast becoming a hang-out. This major attraction, the scenic pathway is built facing the lake and bordered with apartments. And needless to say the lake and the flats in the backdrop cuts an amazing selfie.


The trend for uploading shopping photos on social media has great to do with malls.
The Malls at Kochi are crowded – almost always. It is a place where the youth come together. And what is a get together without a selfie? These days, people who come in group to malls will do almost anything to take the perfect selfie.



Smile! You won’t want to miss out on the year’s most exciting photo in a coffee table—and neither will your Facebook friends and Instagram followers. Various cafes and shopping centers cater to the need for selfies with a selfie spot.

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