Among the 30+ kochi food trucks, here we introduce the first one. Read this, visit them and wait for our next truck!!

Parked by the side of the main Panampalli Avenue road, a colourful van got out attention.. “District 7” was painted on it… First U’ll think it has something to do with Hunger Games..;-) then u’ll realize that its named after the District Kochi… (KL-7).. Brilliant…!!!!

Set up by two friends who were professional chefs before the entrepreneur bug bit them.. they are indeed on their way to create a niche for themselves in the Kochi Food circle…
Their signature dish Chicken Salsarita & Beef Sacred CowChow …. blows you away… I tried both and found them delicious & very interesting… The Beef Sacred CowChow is simply amazing…… and for the veggies they have the Veggie PopeyePuff…

Apart from this they have Burgers & Wraps… The good food, reasonable price coupled with the extremely friendly service is every bit worth trying… They start around 7pm and often get sold out by 8:30pm….

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